San Diego Pedicabs

Urban Pedicab is the most cost effective and popular outdoor pedicab advertising company in downtown San Diego. We are more effective than static signs, billboards or even sign trucks. Unlike signs and billboards that blend in with the urban environment, pedicab is always on the move or always parked in a different part of downtown – creating novelty and drawing attention.

San Diego pedicab is also an interactive form of advertising for convention center visitors. Pedicab operators can act as impromptu tour gives for the duration of the ride, wear event uniforms, and give pre-paid, free pedicab rides to convention visitors of your choice (compliments of your company or exhibit) thus making the experience more personal and memorable.

San Diego Pedicab Advertising

Pedicabs in San Diego

Our fleet of 40 brand new pedicabs is circulating around San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp district for 8 to 12 hours per day, seven days a week, giving you consistent exposure to locals and visitors alike. Use us as a platform for generic exposure or to drive traffic to your exhibitor booths!

Along with front and rear advertising panels and wheel coverings, our staff can wear your branded hats and tshirts and will gladly distribute your flyers and swag prizes to all of our passengers.